What to Do Once You Have Runescape Membership

If you have gotten runescape membership or are about to get it, this review should be very useful to you. If you only have the membership for a month or a limited time, you should get to these things immediately. If you are going to have it permanently, you don’t need to work on it as much and can take your time. The first thing that I suggest you do is go to the talvary and finish the Wolf Whistle quest. This will allow you to start the summoning skill. Than, also at the talvary, you should finish Druidic Ritual which will allow you to start the herblore skill.
I suggest for those of you who don’t have membership for long not to work on summoning too much. Summoning contributes to your combat level but once your membership is done or if you visit a nonmember world, summoning no longer counts. For example, if you were level 81 in a members world, and you had level 10 summoning, you would be level 79 when you go to a nonmembers world. Next, you should go to the tree gnomes stronghold and train your agility. You should also train your theiving by pickpocketing people. If you are a ranger, I would suggest doing animal magnetism and temple of ikov when you reach the requirements. If you would like to do some easy quests, you should do Gertrude’s cat, plague city and biohazard. When you finish Gertrude’s cat, you will get a pet kitten. Raise the pet kitten until it becomes a cat. Than, if you have finished biohazard, you can trade the cat with anyone in west ardougne labeled Civilian for 100 death runes. It is possible to do this as many times as you wish. this is recommended if you are a mage or if you want to make lots of money. a kitten costs 100gp from Gertrude. 100 death runes is worth about 30 to 70K. If you want a challenge, you should do the quests Monkey Madness and Darkness of Hallowvale once you’ve reached the requirements. The Lost City and The Lost Tribe quests are also some good quests to do if you have time. Your time as a member might be easier if you finish the quests Fairytale II- Curing a Queen, Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree. The rest of the quests are up to you whether you want to do them or not. Remember, 10 days before your membership expires, you should start cleaning out your bank account. Start selling all sell able items and throwing away things you can’t sell.