OSRS Bandos Guide


Bandos Boss, also known as General Graardor is the leader of the Bandos’ forces. He resides within the God Wars Dungeon and is the only member of the Ourg race – who is still alive.


Alright to start, you’ll first need to be able to enter the God Wars Dungeon, which requires the completion of the quest Death Plateau, along with Troll Stronghold (at least to the point where you have to fight Dad). To enter the dungeon, you will need a rope, and that is only if you’re visiting the area for the first time. Other than that, you’ll need 70 Strength to gain access to the Bandos osrs room in the God Wars Dungeon.

It is recommended that you have at least level 43 in Prayer so that you can gain the ability to use Protection Prayers against General Graardor. The other crucial skill requirements are; 80+ Hit Points, 80+ Attack, 70+ Defense, 75+ Magic, and 80+ Ranged. However, if you’re going in solo to defeat bandos osrs, then the higher stats, the better.

Fighting Solo

If you’re going against General Graardor solo, then that can be very difficult, because you’ll need a higher combat level and a good enough experience with the game’s fighting mechanics. For this osrs bandos guide, we believe that Level 99 Ranged and 100+ Combat level could be a good start. If you’re wearing melee armor alone, while fighting with the boss, then you’ll be in a great deal of danger, because his minions can easily bring you down with their magic attacks.

Recommended Equipment: Torag’s helm or helm of Neitiznot, Amulet of fury, Infernal cape, Karil’s leather top, Abyssal tentacle, unholy blessing, Barrows gloves, Guardian boots, Rind of suffering (I), Bandos’s god sword, Spare dragon war hammer in inventory.

Recommended Inventory Setup: Angler Fish x16, Saradomin Brews x2, Super Restores x5, Combat Potions x2, and Teleportation Tabs (For Emergencies).

Fighting With a Team

Working together as a team to defeat General Graardor is much easier. The best strategy we have in this osrs bandos guide would be to pick two players; one who is a tank, and the other who is good is a DPS.

Recommended Equipment (Tank): Helm of Neitiznot or Verac’s Helm, Amulet of Fury, Ranging or Max Cape, Armadyl Chest Plate, Armadyl Chain Skirt, Elysian Spirit Shield, Barrows Gloves, Guardian Boots, Archers’ Ring (I), and Armadyl Crossbow.

Recommended Inventory Setup (Tank): Saradomin Brews x12, Super Restores x8, Ranged Potions x5, Teleportation Means, Diamond Bolts, and Bones to Peaches Tablet (To obtain food during the battle).

Recommended Equipment (DPS): Helm of Neitiznot, Amulet of Fury or Torture, Infernal or Fire Cape, Karil’s Leather Top, Bandos Tassets, Abyssal or Tentacle Whip, Dragon or Avernic Defender, Unholy Blessing, Barrows Gloves, Primordial Boots, Berserker Ring, and Bandos God Sword.

Recommended Inventory Setup (DPS): Saradomin Brews x12, Super Restores x8, Super Combat Potions x3, Teleportation Means, Runes for High-Level Alchemy, and Bones to Peaches Tablet (To obtain food during the battle).


Common & Uncommon: Bones, Rune Two-Handed Sword, Rune Pickaxe, Rune Long Sword, Rune Plate Body, Noted Adamantite Ore x15-20, Noted Coal x115-120, Coins, Nature Runes x60-70, Snapdragon Seed, Magic Logs x15-20, Super Restore x3, and Grimy Snap Dragon x3.

Rare: Rune Sword, Bandos Chest Plate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Boots, Bandos Hilt, and God Sword Shards.

Non-Tradeable: Elite Clue Scroll, Long Bone, Curved Bone, and General Graardor Pet.

Source: The Best Runescape Gold And Service Market – P2PAH