Mass Effect 2: A New Level of RPG

I have to say that right off the bat this game really impressed me in all aspects of the game and without further delay let’s get into my four pillar analysis.
Graphics: 10 / 10 I have absolutely nothing bad to say here the graphics were spectacular and everything from the scenery, to the people, to the combat was executed with the excellence that I have come to expect from BioWare.

Game Play: 9 / 10

The game play of Mass Effect 2 comes really close to a perfect 10. The combat system vastly improved from the original Mass Effect. With various combat situations and numerous types of enemies and tactics to choose from each fight is a unique experience. The game play falls short in just two areas for me. The first is scanning planets for resources, the process is rather slow and tedious for something so vital to the game(The resources are used to purchase upgrades). The other area that it fell just a little short for me is that unlike the original where guns would overheat, the guns rely on thermal clips, essentially ammo, to cool the guns.

Music: 9 / 10

The soundtrack of the game worked really well with the game my only real criticism for it was it didn’t do much to really pull you in further into the game. Though with a game such as this maybe you only need to be pulled so far in.

Story: 10 / 10

This is where the game really hits its stride giving you an excellent main story line that picks up right where the original left off. The side stories of your crew mates are also just as vast and interesting as the main story and will keep your interest peaked the whole time. Not only does this game give you vast amounts of story it is the high quality that really separates this game from the rest of the pack.

My Opinion:

Buy it, buy it, buy it. This game is well worth the money with the multiple story options it has a tremendous replay value. Not to mention that if you import a saved character from the original game there are even more ways for your story to unfold.

Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10