The Top 10 Best Role-Playing Games of ALL TIME

I love RPGs, also known as role-playing games. No, I’m not talking about those games where you put on a makeshift wizard hat and are over-excited over the fact that your tin figurine just defeated Blorgon the Great. No, what I’m talking about are the videogames where you can explore a world to almost no end, where the storyline keeps you guessing at every turn (not always the case, sadly. I mean, how many times do we have to find the seven crystals, or fight and kill the last of an ancient race, etc.?), where your enemy kindly waits while you power up your Rain of Ultimate and Total Annihilation final move, the one where you summon thousands of swords from the sky to fall on one opponent, while lifting a boulder from the ground with your bare hands and throwing it on top of him, then to finish it up, call down the moon from the heavens to fall on his exact spot…which then only ends up doing 450 damage HP (about 1/20 of his damage meter) because your opponent was in a defensive stance during all of that. THOSE are the RPGs that I’m talking about.
Well, here are my top ten favorite, and I KNOW right off the bat that few, if any, will agree with me on this list. Why? Because I did not grow up playing all of the old-school Final Fantasy games, or any of the Playstation RPGs that RPG fans flocked to. No, I played mostly the Nintendo ones, as well as other obscure RPGs that not many have heard about. Here goes: hope you enjoy!

10) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Funny how the first one I mention is from the number one RPG series of all time. Also, it’s the only one from that series which is on my Top Ten list. I’ve not played many Final Fantasy games: I’ve played III on the DS, IV on the GameBoy Advance, VII on the Plastation, X on the Playstation 2, X-2 on the Playstation 2, and I think that that’s it. Most of these games I never finished, for various reasons (Oh, I KNOW that I’m making FF fans’ blood boil right now!) This was one that kept me interested, as the only FF game I ever REALLY liked was VII. My favorite part was the Sephiroth vs. Genesis and Angeal cutscene. AMAZING.

9) Chrono Trigger

I am actually now in the midst of playing the game right now; I am on the Black Omen, working my way ever closer to Lavos. This game has a GREAT storyline, from the time-traveling part, to the whole Lavos-sucking-up-the-life-energy-of-the-world part, to the Chronos getting killed part-oh, come on; the games almost twenty years old. I don’t need to worry about spoiler alerts!-to the collecting various allies throughout the millennia part…sigh, it’s all good.

8) Paper Mario

Like every other Mario game, Paper Mario is fun because…well, it’s hard to say. It’s just fun. I never thought that racing on go-karts with Mario and friends would be fun, nor did I think that playing board games with said company be enjoyable as well, and yet, this is the truth! You just need to experience it, that’s all.

7) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This is one of Mario’s most epic stories ever. You get to team up with two new characters, Geno and Mallow, and for the first time, you fight side-by-side with Bowser! I really wish that they would give Geno more games to be in; he’s a friggin’ possessed doll, yo! It’s made by Sqaresoft, the makers of the Final Fantasy games, so that should at least somewhat satisfy all you FF fans out there…right?

6) Phantasy Star Online: Episodes I and II

Mind you, I’ve never actually PLAYED this game online; I played it on the Gamecube. Still, it was an awesome game to play. I loved the character creation in it. HUmar, RAmar, and RAmarl were my favorite character types. I especially loved duel-wielding guns and the uber-awesome lightsabers. The randomly assorted dungeons also kept the game nice and fresh.

5) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I really thought that this game would be closer to the number one spot. Oh well. I absolutely LOVE how this game lets you choose between being light or dark. I would always have fun trying to choose decisions for the moral dilemmas as if it were a real life situation. I always ended up slightly on the light side, with many of my decision going neither light or dark. The battle system is nearly perfect, although very nerve-racking at some times. Plus, I love Star Wars!

4) Pokemon: Red and Silver

I know, I know; I’m so cheap for putting these four in the same spot. But hey, I love Pokemon. My team for Red was: Charmander (I NEVER let him evolve), Oddish, Aerodactyl, Gyarados (“Hydragon”), Zapdos, and Kadabra. For Silver, it was Cyndaquil (Same on the evolution thingy; oh, and I nicknamed him “Infern”), Red Gyarados (“Hydragon”), Lugia, Furret, Haunter, and Noctowl. I LOVE Pokemon!

3) Baten Kaetos

I really had trouble placing these top three in a particular order. This RPG has one of the most fantastic, never-would-have-guessed-that storylines in the existence of ever. I mean, when I first started playing it, I thought that it was okay-ish; the card battles were cool, the characters decent. But, it all felt a little cliché-ish. Then, when you reach what you believe is the end of the game, and THAT TWIST HAPPENS…WOW, is all I have to say. Play it. NOW.

2) Skies of Arcadia: Legends

This game is unapologetically a copy of Final Fantasy VII. It’s also MUCH better than the former. You are Vyse, a young Robin Hood-ish Air Pirate, part of a band of pirates known as the Blue Rogues. You find a mysterious girl while raiding one of the Valuan Empire’s ships, and from there starts your amazing journey through one of the greatest, most imaginative lands ever made in a videogame. Sure, the story is cliché and uber predictable, but the near-perfect battle systems, the great ship-to-ship battles, and the unforgettable landscapes make it well worth while.

1) Earthbound

This game is friggin’ insane. Oh, don’t believe me? Try this on for size: A psychic boy armed with a baseball bat joins forces with three other kids to stop an evil alien invader from taking over the world. A flea from the future, who destroyed an interstellar warrior but got killed by a bald, newspaper-wielding man, told him that it was his destiny. He travels from ONEtt to TWOson, then THREEd, and after that FOURside…these are actual town names. He fights the Happy Happiest Cult, who is bent on painting the entire world blue. He, along with his friends, fight piles of living poop, wild dogs, flesh-eating zombies, an Elvis impersonator, a huge spider, a living statue, and the psychic boy’s nasty next door neighbor. The group also fights against a robot that eats bologna sandwiches in order to heal itself. The Mr. Saturn race has a weird hotel. Yo-yos can kill interstellar warriors. PLAY IT NOW.

Well, that’s it for my latest list of my TOP TEN Somethings! Honorable mentions are: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy III (DS), Baten Kaetos: Origins, Fire Emblem (Take your pick: they’re pretty much all the same to me), and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. Hope you enjoyed reading it!